At LIFE Food Pantry we believe that opportunities to advance through learning should be open to everyone.  To continue to support our community and help others overcome financial barriers, LIFE is proud to offer an education scholarship opportunity to help high school students or adults overcome financial challenges and pursue a trade, vocational, certificate, apprenticeship, career advancement, associate, or bachelor’s degree program.

Applicants Must

  • Demonstrate financial need and be financially eligible following the Federal income guidelines for LIFE Pantry eligibility or participate in the Tiger Pantry program 
  • Reside in 45140 zip code
  • Be a high school senior or adult desiring to enroll in vocational, technical, certification, job, career advancement, associate, or bachelor’s degree program in 2022 and perceive they have the ability to complete their program
  • Agree to the Scholarship Guidelines and provide a completed application June 30, 2022. NOTE: If funding is still available, the application deadline date may be extended and awarded on a rolling basis

Scholarship Guidelines – Applicants must meet or agree to the following scholarship requirements.

Eligibility: Need based, according to the Federal income guidelines for LIFE Pantry eligibility and participation. Open to clients, children of clients, or recommendations from others such as counselors, administrators, or educators.  

Review Criteria:

  • Financial Need
  • Applicant’s response to scholarship questions
  • Evidence of academic, service, family, community, or work experiences or accomplishments

Selection: Applications will be evaluated quarterly to determine eligible winners.  Scholarship applications will be reviewed by LIFE Scholarship Review Committee consisting of representatives from the Board, representatives of LIFE and/or education community. All decisions regarding the scholarship shall be final. LIFE reserves the right not to award a scholarship if, in its sole discretion, it does not receive any qualified applications. A rubric will be used to rank applications.

Awarding: $3000 of scholarship funds annually are available, will be evaluated and awarded quarterly and may be awarded to a single person or multiple recipients. 

Notification: Scholarship recipients will be notified via the contact information provided to LIFE on the application. Scholarship recipients may be subject to verification. After successful notification of a scholarship award, LIFE will provide payment of the award to the scholarship winner’s education program directly to be applied towards the program cost (including fees, books, supplies etc) after receiving proof of enrollment and program costs. Unless otherwise stated, no scholarship monies will be paid directly to the winner.

Renewal: Winning applicant(s) may be considered for renewal and re-apply for funding in the next calendar year and beyond if continuing their program and demonstrates financial need.     


  • Scholarship recipients, by acceptance of their award, agree to release LIFE, its representatives, volunteers, officers, and directors of any/all liability arising out of their participation in the scholarship. LIFE reserves the right to modify or terminate scholarships at any time for any reason in its sole discretion, with or without notice.
  • The winner(s), by entering acknowledges that information may be posted on LIFE’s website or can be used in any materials at LIFE’s sole discretion, further agrees and understands that, if selected as the winner, LIFE may request a testimonial comment or photo to share in any materials. Scholarships are non-transferable.
  • The scholarship awardee(s) agrees to and is responsible for any state or federal tax liability in association with acceptance of a scholarship. Please note, if you are under 18, your parent or guardian must read and consent to the Scholarship Guidelines on your behalf.
  • Scholarship recipient(s) may not be related to or on the LIFE board or an employee or volunteer at LIFE.
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