Tiger Closet

The LIFE Pantry is pleased to be partnering with the Loveland City Schools in the installation of a “Tiger Pantry” at both Loveland Middle School and Loveland High School

This closet is stocked with food and personal care items that pre-identified students will be able to make use of as the need arises. Stemming from The Breakfast Club program begun in 2015 to assist students in grades 2-8 with breakfast before class in the morning and weekend food bags for long weekends and holidays, it was determined that for grades 7-12 it was more practical and cost effective for students to make their own food choices based on availability of items.

When the Loveland Schools added free and reduced breakfast, LIFE determined that the weekend bags were only viable for the lower grades and sought a solution for the older students, many of whom were accustomed to receiving products. Loveland Schools were proactive in dealing with the need and the partnership is providing assistance to students who need a helping hand.  If you would like to donate, please contact LIFE Pantry Director Linda Bergholz,  or Assistant Principal/Loveland High School Mrs. Buhrlage.

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