Linda Bergholz

Executive director

Linda is pantry director and oversees many daily activities as well as all communications.

Board Member since: 2015 

Experience working at the Pantry: 

Linda began volunteering at food drives, then in the pantry filling client orders.  I then worked as promotion and donor requests for the former Back to School program.  From that I moved into produce purchasing and working as Lead in the pantry and became a part of the Inventory Control and Purchasing team for the Giving Shop.  In December of 2013 I became Executive Director of the Pantry.  As such, I am involved in all aspects of the programs and operations of the pantry and serve on the LIFE Board.

Career/Volunteer Experience:

Linda is Co-Owner and Managing Partner of Loveland Music Academy; She has a studio of 45 piano and flute students as well as managing the Academy’s 29 instructors and 20 studios. While she has a variety of other volunteer experience, the one most germane to LIFE is as Co-Founder and Executive Director of Junior Music Experience, a 501(c)3 organization founded in 1982 for the advancement and evaluation of piano students, serving as President and CEO of that organization until 2015.

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