Giving Shoppe

giving shop

This program provides gifts to more than 200 local families-in-need to help celebrate the spirit of the season!

This program operates for two days and allows local families in need to celebrate the spirit of the season. A family representative selects gift items for the entire family. Gift choices include clothing, accessories, household items and toys. The individuals’ then get their chosen gifts wrapped, then carried to their cars—all free of charge! We supply an Angel Tag with an item needed by a family and you shop for the gift then drop off on designated date. If shopping is not your thing, make a monetary donation and we will shop for you. 

To participate in any of our programs, you must register in advance. If you live in the Loveland School District and have not registered please contact the Pantry at (513)583.8222, or use our Contact Form. Let us know your full name, phone, and number of persons living in your household.

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