2020 Student LIFE Shop

Student Life Shop

Every year we host the Student LIFE Shop to benefit our clients.  

Last year the event was on Saturday, August 10, 2019 and it will be around the same time this year!  Please read below for general information.  We will update this site with dates once we have them.


Registered students receive a backpack with grade appropriate  supplies, spirit wear, gift cards for haircuts and ice cream, personal care items, socks and underwear. Students must be signed up (registered) BY THEIR PARENTS/GUARDIANS during the month of July during regular LIFE Food Pantry hours. Last day of Student LIFE registration is July 31.


Spiral Notebooks
5 Subject dividers
Composition Notebooks
8 Subject dividers
Dry Erase Markers
10 Subject dividers
Pencil Sharpeners
Post-It Notes
Pencil Cases Fabric w/zipper  
Erasers for Pencils
Pencil Boxes
Pencil Sharpeners
Graph Paper                   
Scissors – Adult Size
Binders 1.5”
Binder 2”
Binders 2.5”
Binders 3”

Questions : lifefoodpantry@yahoo.com

To donate or help, please contact Sharon Raess at sharon.raess@gmail.com or email lifefoodpantry@yahoo.com.

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